Vignette Booklet

The Vignette Booklet, which includes vignette visuals for instructional lessons and support group sessions, can be easily presented in a flip-book format. This allows the instructor to read the vignette scripts while participants look at the vignette visuals. Click "Download" below to download, and following the printing instructions to assemble the print version of the Vignette Booklet. Be sure to carefully follow the printing instructions for the Vignette Booklet to ensure that it will be printed in a double-sided, flip-booklet format.

ESCAPE-NOW Vignette Booklet

On the Technology-Based Alternative Formats page there are alternate versions of the Vignette Booklet. Directions for using the technology versions can be found on the Technology-Based Alternative Formats page.

After you have downloaded the Vignette Booklet, return to Instructor Materials to download the remaining Instructor Materials. Please refer to the checklist in the Printing and Assembly Instructions to ensure you have all necessary components.